Being Loveen!

Believer I am! I believe in me, the universe and our strong bond with each other. I am committed to my surroundings just as they are to me.

I am editor for SonChirri Magazine and freelance writer for various newspapers for survival, my mission is to normalize organ donation within entire human race; passion is to pitch in when my surroundings call upon me.

I am the founder columnist of the series “Kionki Meri Bhroon Hattia Nahi Hoyi (Because I was born) that runs weekly in India’s prominent newspaper “Jagbani”, aimed at women empowerment and strengthening of ‘her’ individualism. The article is now running almost into its 3rd year with contributions from women from all round the globe.

About my mission with Amar Karma: I am Founder, President and Volunteer at Amar Karma Organ Donation Society, Canada’s first South Asian organization that has pledged to highlight the need of organ donation. The mission began with one pioneer member, myself and now spread throughout the community bringing over 60 more volunteers aboard on the team. Passion is contagious indeed. It has made me believe, time and again that once you believe in something with profound passion, it reflects back in million folds, which it did for me.

 My Roots and my Wings

My connection to myself: which is certainly a strong one, because I am someone who has made mistakes in bulk, rarely the same ones over again, but my mistakes have made me who I am. Starting from my childhood in India, I was the one to always get in trouble for asking questions which were termed as “not for kids” to know. Back home, in those days most things were left for children to discover on their own, and there was no google to answer things. Whenever I was told, not to do something, I did it anyway because there was no satisfactory answer to my “why”.

It took me forever, but I have established of myself, as being a “doer”. Now, whenever, I see something that needs me to make my mark on it, I know that task has been only waiting for me to get done. I just make my initiative to do it.

Connection to my surroundings: This is a bigger one, because it involves the nucleus of my own universe-my family. It has been a nourishing connection for me. My father was a child when he moved from Pakistan, during partition of India. He raised himself motherless, in extreme poverty. My first man, my father, has been labourer all his life. My nostrils can never let go off the smell of dust and sweat from his clothes, when he returned home in the evenings. On the other hand, we, my younger brother and I were studying in one of the top most schools of the city. Every sundown, there was an intrinsic meet between the impressions that we brought home from school, and my father’s sweat. My mother has been like earth to just nourish our roots. Beside all this, I have a sister, who has always been equal to the whole world, to be partner of every crime, and to celebrate every triumph through childhood. Connection has been very strong! These are connections that have formed from the soil, 5 essential elements, every bit of me breathes through it. It grows, and so do I.

Connection to the Universe: As I stretch arms, I connect to the universe: a faith, a commitment, an eternal care stands tall as my significant other. Universe is boundless, it brings to me all the beautiful souls just like fairies bring presents telling me, all this is for you: mark your spot right with in the heart of the universe. I guess, that’s all for now. This site is ofcourse meant for a lot more of our talk!

Till Next time,

Happy Connections!



Philanthropist, Human, Explorer, Suitor of spot in the Core of the Universe!



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