Amazed at What an 8-Year-Old Girl Knows about Life

As I walked into doctor’s office today, I saw a little girl sitting in the waiting room, drawing something in her book.
What! She was drawing a cemetery with many tombs in it?  Unusual.  I have witnessed kids that age drawing tree-houses, mountains, landscapes, cartoons but a cemetery?cemetary

What are you drawing?” the usual me couldn’t resist from finding out more. She told me her name was Arshdeep, and was 8.

“This is the place for people after they die,” she said.  Seeing a Punjabi child of that age to define and draw cemetery was surprising to me. I was quiet for a fraction of a second, “What made you draw this?”

  “Whenever we pass by that place, I wondered what that was, but today I asked my dad about it. I requested him to take me inside there and show me around. I am just drawing what I saw.”

So what else did you see there? I was startling with her answers.

“These structures are different shapes and sizes, with names of the dead people with their dates of birth, death and many more things. I read many of them.” She continued drawing while telling me about it.

So what do you want to be when you grow older? I tried to change the focus to keep her engaged in the conversation.

“Happy” she said, “I want to be happy when I grow older.”

Are you not happy now? I simultaneously asked.

“I am happy now, but I want to be happy when I grow older too.” She had looked up for a few seconds as she replied, but then she got busier with her drawing of the cemetery.

I was numbed.



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