She was a Singer Performing on her stage!

No, this post is not about me, neither it is ‘exactly’ about these beautiful children, though it is about them. It is about HER, whose picture we didn’t have the courage to click. There are many children on streets of Istanbul who beg to survive, some from Syria, while others are locals. She was one of them, was playing an instrument that I later found in the market- will share a picture of it with you at some point. What caught our attention was her voice singing in Turkish or Arabic! We stood there for a few moments and walked with incomprehensible emotions.

Later, while we were discussing some of our economics, I reminded Ajit that he had given money to that “Beggar Girl”, I used the word without thinking. Ajit stopped the conversation and said to me, “She was not a beggar Loveen! She was a singer.” I felt as if I had no rights to “feel” after this. Yes, she was a singer……! Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!!, I wish she finds the right stage.


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